What is Syndication?

MJP Property Group provides opportunities to confidently invest in multifamily real estate through syndication. Syndication allows you to partner with other investors to aggregate capital as well as leverage their experience and financial strength to invest in otherwise unobtainable assets. Over 90% of multifamily purchases are made through a syndication.


We identify undervalued investment opportunities and limit upfront risk by adopting straightforward investment strategies backed by verifiable empirical evidence.  We syndicate these opportunities to acquire underperforming assets in select submarkets and add value through capital improvement programs, rehabilitation, professional property management, and repositioning. Our proven relationships with best in class escrow and title officers, property inspectors, lenders, real estate attorneys, and general contractors enable us to reduce risk and create exceptional results for our investors.
SEC guidelines for a syndication prohibit us from publicly advertising current offerings and you must either be an “accredited investor” or a “sophisticated investor” to qualify for participation in these offerings.


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Advantages Of Multifamily Syndication


Our acquisition criteria allows us to distribute double-digit cash returns within the first year. In rare cases, the initial dividends may be slightly lower at the beginning in exchange for a larger return as the investment matures.


Through the lifecycle of the investment, rental income from the property pays all debt service. Upon the sale of the property, these principal reductions will be realized by the investors.


We target assets in high population areas with landlord-friendly laws, low cost of living and sustained job growth. This allows us to achieve increased income as a result of overall rent growth. Since rent growth and inflation are directly linked, this type of investment provides a natural hedge against inflation.


Unlike single family homes, multifamily apartments are valued primarily by Net Operating Income (NOI), not by comparables. We acquire properties with an opportunity to capture appreciation through capital improvements and streamlining operational inefficiencies.


A syndication allows you to pursue investments with other investors - dispersing the risk across all partners. Additionally, by investing through a syndicator with a proven track record, investment risk is further reduced.


Real estate investments often have the tax advantage of depreciation but please consult your CPA for how this applies to your individual situation. Each investor receives a K-1 annually with your proportional share of potential tax savings.


We purchase multifamily assets through a limited liability company (LLC). An LLC provides its members with certain personal legal protections against lawsuits and personal financial liability. Consult with your attorney for specific advice on the benefits of investing through syndication.


Single family or small properties do not have sufficient revenue to hire full-time staff, requiring owners to handle all day-to-day operations. Our focus on larger properties provides sufficient revenue for hiring full-time staff to handle operations with our oversight and direction.